Salvador Creative Collection

This part of the page is dedicated to further explore and express my creativity. I never want to hold back and I think at a young age our creativity is limited to what the status quo is. Personally, I remember a time in fourth grade when asked to construct a bar graph using math data in class. The instructions stated any colors and shapes could be used on the assignment. My clumsy self smudged marker outside the graph and decided instead of starting over I would make the same smudges all over the paper resembling a cow (graph still intact). My teacher later explained that she would not accept the assignment in front of the class and I felt quite embarrassed. From then on I was careful to stay inside the lines. As I grew older however, I noticed I had doodles on every notebook/assignment/etc. Some of which are the designs that inspire me today.
So this page will not be limited to a style/fabric/theme. Somedays it might be super clean and simple other days it will be wild, intriguing, questionable, awesome, revolutionary, amazing, fun, sexual, creative, dry, cool, hot, whatever I am feeling. Although my dream is to use hemp exclusively, I will explore with all materials until that is an option. I think the takeaway is do not hold back from what other people see as imperfections. If you feel it is right, run with it. You never know what it can turn into. I hope you enjoy these designs as much as I did creating them!